Charlene Aldridge - Actress/Writer/Producer

Matt Long is a top producer and great actor.  He gets everything done and in place to a very high standard making sure all tasks and protocols are met.  A very lovely man in general and a true professional.  Highly recommended.


Nadia Chloe Rose – Model/Actress

Matt is both a top-quality producer and highly talented actor.

As a producer, he pays great attention to details and takes good care of the cast and crew on set, as well as achieving outstanding performances as an actor. 

He is highly motivated and hard-working and has a very promising future ahead of him.


Adam Oakley - Actor

Had the pleasure of working with Matt on set today. His professionalism was outstanding and was one the easiest actors I have ever worked with. His attention to detail was second to none and I am looking forward to continuing to work with him over the next few months.


Danny Cotton - Writer/Director: Soldiers of Embers, No More Lights in the Sky

Working with Matt is an absolute pleasure. I have worked with him on and off film sets as both an actor and producer, and he is a valuable asset as both through his professionalism and attention to detail. As an actor, his approach is dedicated to the task - his preparation is high and will not be afraid to question and talk through any aspect of the script to better achieve his role. As a producer, he is a careful planner and master organiser - everything that is required to make a film shoot happen is under his command and he will always go the extra mile to make sure the very best comes from a day of filming. He is friendly and always keeps the sprits of the team up too, but never afraid to say what is required to make sure all goes right. Great qualities to have. His career is going places fast and I’m sure there is much more to come from him!


Laura Gillingham - Actress

I worked with Matt on his feature film Soldiers of Embers. As a Producer, Matt is very supportive and caring. He provided a relaxed and fun atmosphere on set, he created a great rapor with the cast and crew and cares about the well being of all. He also provided an in depth background story for each character, to help provide the actors with the best material to help relate to their characters. Matt also provides excellent direction.

As an Actor, Matt is very dedicated and draws people into his character. Matt was very easy to work opposite and run dialogue with. He isn't afraid to push the boundaries with a role or with direction and he really brings out the emotion in each scene. I enjoyed my time working with Matt and would gladly work with him again.