Quick update on the release date of feature films 'Soldiers of Embers' and 'No more lights in the Sky' from Bulldog Films and Fabrication Images.

Both films were scheduled to release in US and Canada on DVD and multiple VOD platforms this month with plans to release in the UK shortly after.
As we are all well aware the Coronavirus pandemic pressed the big pause button on the film industry along with the rest of the world which has delayed release. As soon as our distributor is out of lockdown with the rest of the world Matt Long and Danny Cotton will be able to announce the new date.
Big thanks to our followers for the support. Stay safe out there.




Amazing news - Bulldog Films and Fabrication Images have secured a US and Canada distribution deal for both 'Soldiers of Embers' and 'No more lights in the Sky'.  Release date to be announced very soon.



Its been a successful few months for Bulldog Films and Fabrication Images with a tonne of awards won at film festivals across the globe for feature films 'Soldiers of Embers' and 'No more lights in the Sky'.  Click Awards to see the impressive list of well deserved accolades.

We are now in distribution talks and will update you all when we can confirm a release date for both films.



Matt Long is now represented by Clic Agency.



What an amazing few weeks.  The multi award winning collaboration of Bulldog Films and Fabrication Images continues with more awards for feature film 'No more lights in the Sky' which was written and directed by the amazing Danny Cotton.  Our other feature film 'Soldiers of Embers' written by, produced and starring Matt Long, directed and edited by Danny Cotton, has had more nominations and also WON 'Best feature film' and 'Best Director' in the Mindfield Film Festival.  



The Press Packs for feature films 'Soldiers of Embers' and 'No more lights in the Sky' are now available for download on the Bulldog Films Homepage.  Click HERE



Two weeks ago Bulldog Films company Matt Long was on the front cover of the Daily Mail Weekend Magazine as 'Beethoven'.  This weekend (14/07/2018) the full article will be released, pickup your copy.  See more at the Photoshoot Gallery section - Click HERE


Daily Mail Beethoven



This week we were invited onto Thats Norfolk TV to talk about Soldiers of Embers.  See the interview here:




Another nomination for best Drama trailer at the Barcelona Planet 2018 film festival.



Bulldog Films and Fabrication Images are proud the announce the release of The D.A.M Film Show facebook page.  Follow for our latest podcasts and other fun, exciting content.  Click the logo below:


DAM Film Show Logo



Matt Long has been cast in feature film 'Brutality' which is shooting this year.



If Carlsbergs could do weeks then this would be one of them. Red Carpet Awards Event attended in London. Today I am pleased to say that I now have an agent. The fantastic Eaglestone Management will be representing me on my acting Journey. Its been a long hard road of hard work to get here so I couldn't be more pleased.



On January 11th Matt Long, The Bulldog Films/Fabrication Images with be at the Canada Water Culture Space in London for the Gold Movie Awards Red Carpet event where the award winning trailer for No More Lights in the Sky will be shown.  If your attending come and say Hi.



WE WON!! Fantastic news today.  The trailer for feature film 'Soldiers on Embers' had its showing at the Hollywood International Media festival and WON 'Best Drama Trailer'.
I couldn't be more proud of my cast and crew at the moment and a huge thanks for your commitment and support.  So much hard work has gone into this film on a two year journey since I first sat down to write it. 
A massive thankyou to all the people, family, friends and businesses that also supported us.  
Thankyou to the Local Norwich press for supporting us with articles EDP/Eastern Evening News/Iceni Magazine, East Life Magazine, and LA Based Max It Magazine.  Also thankyou to Mikey's Movie World for supporting us with interviews.  Thankyou to Norfolk Constabulary for being so supportive over our filming in the region.
Finally Special thanks to Danny Cotton and Adam Sturman, couldn't do it without those guys (15 laurels awarded now this year across two feature trailers).
SOE Trailer here :



Another film festival laurel awarded for 'Soldiers of Embers' as a Finalist in the Hollywood International Media film festival.  A combination of 14 nominations/wins across the two trailers for SOE and No more lights from this award winning Norwich based team.



Fantastic news today. Another film festival WIN for the ‘No More Lights in the Sky’ trailer. That makes a total of 13 nominations and wins across two feature film trailers this year. I couldn’t be prouder of the fantastic cast and crew i’ve been working with. Great direction from Danny Cotton. 2018 will be a big year for Bulldog Films and Fabrication Images when these two British Indie Feature Films are released.
See the trailers for both films here:

No More Lights in the Sky:

Soldiers of Embers:

Thanks everyone for the support.


 Wendys Shorts WIN



More great news.  This evening the trailer for feature film 'No more lights the Sky' was awarded not just one but two official selection film festival Laurels.  This makes a total of 12 laurels across two feature film trailers - Soldiers of Embers / No more lights in the Sky.



Matt Long is a guest judge at the Miss UK event.  Click here for details.



This week its a double release of Posters from Bulldog Films and Fabrication Images. Two feature films featuring Matt Long.


Soldiers of Embers - Matt Long as Actor, Producer and writer.

No More Lights in the Sky - Matt Long as Actor and Producer.


Both feature film trailers have be awarded multiple rewards.  Click on each film name to see the trailer.