About Matt Long


Matt started out Catwalk modelling for the Eastern Wedding Guide.

After a few small roles in TV programmes in the UK and USA Matt soon had the acting bug and began actors training with Norwich Theatre Royal.  Along with Matts acting skills he is also trained in multiple martial arts, Boxing/Kick Boxing/Muay Thai/Wing Chun.


Further acting roles moved Matt into the feature film world and it was when he auditioned for a his first feature film lead his world changed when he was succesful in securing the role. Unfortunately it was not meant to be as the production company producing the feature closed down mid production.


Matt was not put off by this experience as he had started to build his network of film industry contacts.  Following this negative experience Matt turned it into a positive and formed his own British Independant Film company Bulldog Films Ltd.  Matt wrote his first feature film 'Soldiers of Embers'.  Matts profile and reputation for 'getting things done' and never giving up grew rapidly as the film and company were getting exposure globally across various media formats such as a Los Angeles Indie Film Magazine with 1.2 million readers.


Matt reguarly collaborates with Fabrication Images reguarly under his company of Bulldog Films and this 'dream team' of British Film makers have multiple film industry awards to their name.


Matt is also a person who believes in giving back to the industry and has helped upcoming talent by offering them opportunities to work with his team which has boosted their confidence in the film industry.


Watch this space....